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Because we have traditionally believed in the Philippines as a nation that excels in the supply of crews to ships, we have created our own agency, Globe Master Marine Agency Inc. which specialises in the employment of Filipino crews. Apart from acting as part of our Crew Manegement Services, GMMAI can contract individually with ship-owners, where so desired, to provide manning agency services. Acting as a licensed manning agent in the Philippines, GMMAI will undertake to select through a careful screening process and identify the most competent and able crew available in accordance with your predefined requirements.

Subject to your approval and confirmation the crew will be processed and arranged to arrive on the vessel with minimal delay and cost. Throughout the duration of the contract we will look after all the issues relating to the employment of the personnel, making all efforts to ensure that where applicable they return to the vessel in accordance with their contractual rostering arrangements. To find out more details on our services please download the document GMMAI services.

One of the most vital functions of a Manning Agency in today’s market conditions is the ongoing training of the crew. At GMMAI we continuously monitor the requirements of the crew and identify the needs of the individuals for training. We then consult with the owners and confirm what needs to be done in that area. Find out more about our Training Services on our web Page .

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